Coffee Break

Annual average coffee consumption per capita by country

Finland Norway Iceland Denmark Netherlands Sweden Switzerland Belgium Canada Bosnia Austria Italy Brazil US UK

Weight in kilogrammes

Data Source

The data for this visualization came from Coffee Data. Most coffee producing countries are developing coutries whilst the majority of coffee drinkers reside in developed nations. A good source of fairly traded coffee is Traidcraft. The products that Traidcraft sell are all fairly traded ensuring that a fair price is paid to their producers.

graphic of a coffee mug

Coffee Production

World's top eight coffee producers

The data for this visualization came from Coffee Exports

Brazil 2,720,520 Metric Tons
Vietnam 1,650,000 Metric Tons
Columbia 696,000 Metric Tons
Indonesia 411,000 Metric Tons
Ethiopia 390,000 Metric Tons
India 300,300 Metric Tons
Mexico 270,000 Metric Tons
Guatemala 240,000 Metric Tons

US Coffee Futures

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